message in a bottle

We feel like bottling up all our deepest loves and secrets and sending them across the seas! It's a theme we've been noticing lately...from some old Selby pics of the Ksubi showroom, to Matt Corby's Letters video clip, to some ad on the tv...

And speaking of Matt Corby, we've just rediscovered him in all his smouldering eye'd glory years after his Australia Idol teenage debut. Loving the new direction...he sounds a bit like our favourite lone ranger Bon Iver...only better, because he's a surfer boy with beautiful eyes. Obviously.


image: the selby video: youtube


parisarowhani | 12.9.11

Ugh wow, this makes me so happy. I've been a fan of his for so long and just randomly searching magazines and seeing this come up was defiantly a highlight - that he's finally being recognized for his talent. Love.

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